why are we buying more consumables than we can actually use?

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Who else dedicates part of a closet to back stock of personal care items? If you've ever shopped at Bath & Body Works (even if it was years ago...) you know what I mean!  

Big achievement: I am using my last body wash AND body lotion from the previously mentioned store right now and they are both almost gone!! 🙌🏻  

Seriously, how does this happen? I have been working on running out of things for a while now and I think my closet looks the same. I don’t even remember the last time I had to buy deoderant. But yet I have 3 stocked up in our closet...?

Here’s how it happens (for me at least). We get sucked into this cycle of buying a product but we have to buy 2 to get 1 free. There will probably be new fragrances out before all 3 of those are used... 😱 so we buy even more! Or, a new coupon hits your inbox that you can’t pass up! So, we buy even more. The rate we buy things is much faster than the rate we use them. If you’re stocking up or go through household items at an expedited rate, then it makes sense. But for me, I've had a change of heart and am making the decision to buy only what I need and to use my closet for something new. 

Instead of throwing out what I have, I am going to start one item at a time. When I get close to running out of a product, I will start researching healthier, more eco-friendly items to replace it. We can go on this journey together.

Follow along if you're interested in finding new products too!

Closet Full of Consumables

In the weeks/months to come I will be finding new... 

Shampoo + Conditioner        Body Wash + Lotion

Deodorant        Tampons        Face Wash + Moisturizer

Trash Bag        Dog Waste Bags        + MUCH MORE! 

As I run out of something and am researching new products to try, I will be sharing all of that information!

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