Get Your FREE Cleaning Set

This set is a $30 value and you even get to pick your fragrances.

Here is what you receive when using the link:

  1. FREE Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap

  2. FREE Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap

  3. FREE Mrs. Meyer's Multi-surface Spray

  4. FREE Grove Co. Walnut Scrubber Spongers

  5. FREE Gove Co. Kitchen Towel

  6. Free Shipping w/ 60 Day VIP Trail

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Recycling 101

Welcome to my version of Recycling 101. I will be researching different items that I use (there's a good chance you use them too) and sharing if they are recyclable or not. Please join me every every week so we can raise the bar from being aspirational recyclers who think we are doing good to legit recyclers who are actually doing good!

TELL ME... what are you curious about? I have a whole list of things to share (there's not many things I love more than lists!). But, I want to know what you're interested in too.

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why we should #stopsucking

I will admit, I thought cutting straws from my life was going to be pretty simple. But once I decided to stop using plastic straws, I started realizing just how much I use them and how socially acceptable (and even expected) they are.

Once you can cut a straw, you can start cutting more and more plastic from your life!

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Welcome! Let’s start off on the right foot here… there are some things you need to know about me and my blog. I can’t fit all of my trash from the past 3 months in a mason jar. I don’t buy organic everything and I don’t have a non-existent budget that lets me spend fortunes on the most “green” items out there.

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